Off-grid power system design and installation

Dreaming of going “off-the-grid”? Island Electric has the knowledge to help you discover if that dream can become a reality. And if it is, we have the expertise to make it happen!

Environmental impact, social concerns, financial costs, vulnerability from outages – there are many reasons why you might be thinking about being going off-grid and becoming independent of the electrical utility. By understanding your motivations, analyzing your site and evaluating your energy needs, we can design an off-grid energy system that works for you.

Off-grid power system options:

  • Off-grid solar – The most well-known off-grid option, off-grid solar is the conversion of sunlight into electricity through the use of solar arrays. This system can be used for large and small projects. Despite a rainy reputation, solar works well in Coastal BC.
  • Off-grid micro-hydro – Lesser known but very effective, off-grid micro-hydro requires a source of running water to generate electricity. Water flowing from a high level to a lower level turns a turbine at the bottom end of the system to produce energy. Very site-specific.
  • Off-grid wind – Another site-specific system, an off-grid wind power system requires a consistent breeze and a certain amount of space to work well. The more energy you require, the bigger the wind turbine that is needed.

Our role as off-grid electrical contractors

Every off-grid energy project is its own custom job – no two projects are ever the same. That being said, the primary task in designing any off-grid power system is load analysis – evaluating your needs and uses. Island Electric is fully qualified to assess your production requirements and design an appropriate off-grid system for your specific site, usages and expected load. We use products from industry leaders, such as Outback Power, Xantrex and Magnum Energy, to ensure quality and reliability.

Off-grid system installation process:

  • Site analysis
  • Load (energy need) evaluation
  • Budget development
  • Off-grid system design
  • Procurement of permits
  • Project installation management and scheduling

Free yourself from the grid. Trust Island Electric to ensure your custom off-grid project proceeds smoothly.

Not sure if your site or load requirements will allow for an off-grid system? Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation!